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Related post: Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 18:32:02 EST
Subject: My Life at Hogwarts 19 best lolitas top sites
*This story top lolita bbs a
is a work of fiction. The characters, real or
fictional, have not given me permission to use them, and if I made any
profit from this, preteen lolitas panties photos it'd be violating copyright infringement. But as I'm
not, it's all good. If you object to stories of this particular nature,
you're in the wrong archive, my friend.* "What was THAT all about," Ron asked Harry.
"I'm not sure," he said with a frown. real lolita nude pics "But I certainly didn't like
"You two talk to Dumbledore and McGonagall," Hermione said. "I
want to check something in the library."
"Figures," sighed Ron as she dashed off. "She hasn't changed in
five years, Harry. You'd think she'd have every book anyway."
"Wingardium Leviosa," Harry commanded, lifting one lolita tiny teens bbs of the
overturned chairs and placing it lolita top dark galleries
back. "Let her go, Ron. Look at what she
figured out with all her work in the library. She figured out that Skeeter
cow was an unregistered Animagus." Ron nodded grudgingly. "She figured
out what the monster from the Chamber of Secrets was."
"Fat lot of forbidden picture links lolitas good that did," Ron muttered.
Harry grinned and poked him in the stomach. Ron laughed sheepishly
and Harry nonude sexy lolita preteens pulled him in for a quick kiss. The kiss lasted longer than he'd
originally intended, and when he broke away, he was breathing lolita models agency pics heavily.
"C'mon, Ron. Help me clean this place up, or McGonagall will inocent mini models lolitas kill
"He deserves it, the wanker."
"And us, too," he added.
Ron's eyes widened. "Good point. Wingardium Leviosa," he added. While the two set the Gryffindor common room back to normal,
Hermione ran to the Chamber, flicking her badge in front of the pipe, which
opened soundlessly. Moaning Myrtle watched her, intrigued. After Hermione
disappeared down the dark hole, Myrtle floated preteen lolita hidden pics forward. A brief flash of
light struck out, flinging her back.
"Ouch!" She cried, rubbing her smoking nose. child lolita preteen girl
Miffed, she returned
to her toilet. Meanwhile, I ended up outside, sitting next 10 15 lolita webcams
to the nude lolita asian teens
lake. I wasn't wearing winter clothes, but I didn't feel cold. My anger
radiated off me in waves, lolitas nude viejas cerdas
slowly causing the ground around me to steam, and
taking the frost off the lake's edge.
"What is WRONG with me," I raged. "What's happening?" A thought
occurred to me-my house. I could use my casting room in my London house
and see what I might discover. A flickering thought of the problems I'd
face if I left school grounds crossed my mind, but as I'd been bending or
breaking rules since I came to England, I didn't let it bother me in the
With a thought, I summoned the magic I'd need for a translocation.
Instead of just whisking myself away, I opened lolita angels art photography
a dark swirling portal and
stepped through. I didn't wind up where I'd planned, however. site lolitas pussy gallery Rather than
ending up in my house, I was where I'd begun at the lake.
My cp paysite pthc lolita
eyes narrowed, and I cast a quick detection to see if anyone had
interfered with my magic. teen lolita lola erotica I didn't get any form of response. Eventually,
my confusion took over my anger, and it faded. I sat by the edge of the
lake to think, as had been a habit of mine since I started school-all of
six or so months. I looked at the ice-free, softly rippling water, and
calmed down. Though past the deepest part of winter, it was still cold
except mtx 8 subwoofer lolita
for the ground I'd vented on earlier. photos de lolis 15y
That was stripped bare portal de lolitas mixedlolitas of
plant life and was still hot to the touch.
I avoided it and moved to stare at my reflection in the lake. My
mouth dropped open when I didn't see one. What was going on? It new image board loli dawned on
me, finally. Vampire blood. Voldemort had done something to me, and I
didn't even see what it was until it was too late. I collapsed to my
knees. That explained everything! Why I didn't die ls lolita preteen model from the Nightshade,
and why I didn't feel cold. Why I couldn't get into the Chamber of Secrets
or my own house.
There had to be some kind of cure. And I had to find it quickly.
How long would it be before the Thirst took over, and I'd be left with
nothing but an all-consuming hunger? They would be forced to destroy me to
protect the students, and then Voldemort would surely win.
I trudged back to the castle and through the passages. Doorways
opened before me, and students avoided me. I finally came to the Fat Lady,
who gave me one look and squeaked as she opened the door, without asking
for a password.
The common room had been repaired and was dark lolita porn star nymphet
and empty except for
one person: Hermione. She stood from the chair nearest the fire once I'd
entered. "Matt," she said gravely, "we need to talk."
I blinked. A confrontation? The foolish girl! My anger flared,
and alarmed, I reined it in sharply.
Off to my right, from the stairwell to the boys' dormitories I
heard someone shout "Aramashe majicus!" I whirled to see Harry, his wand
extended and pointing at me. I my anger rushed out again, ripping its way
past my controls and I snarled. My vision turned red, and I felt my teeth
growing into fangs, changing the whole shape of my face.
On magazines de lolitas desnudas my left, Ron cried, "Petrificus Totalus!" To my surprise, my
muscles all froze, binding my arms and legs together. I top 50 lolita paysites fell back with a
jolt, though with my muscles numbed, I didn't feel the blow.
"I'm sorry, Matt," Hermione began, "but I needed to talk." I
blinked in confusion. She nodded as though reading my mind. "As to how we
got past your defenses, it was the book you gave me. There was a spell in
there that claimed to be able to penetrate any spell-shield." She frowned.
"Luckily, Harry was able to cast it."
She sighed, and pulled over a chair to look down on me at the
floor. Ron and Harry pulled over two more, and the triad faced me.
"Matt," free pre lolita pics Hermione began, "I know what happened to you."
Harry and Ron nodded uncomfortably. "We've seen you changing,
Matt," Ron said. very young lolita sex "You were arrogant before, but nn pre lolita model you tried to cover it.
Now it's like you don't even bother," he added angrily. "What makes you
think you're lolita 12 16yo tgp so much better than us, huh? I thought you were a friend, you
Harry put a jap loli image board calming hand on his friend's arm. "We followed you
because you were a good leader, Matt. You knew so much. You were so
genuinely concerned for us. You risked yourself for me. You taught us a
lot. But you're not that Matt any more." He wasn't angry. He was sad.
That was different than lolitas dreams preteen nude
I little lolitas galery nud expected.
"Matt, I know how to cure you," Hermione said, cutting straight to
the point. "But I'm not sure how easy it will be, and like it or not, you
can't do it alone." She looked at the others, who nodded-Ron reluctantly.
"We will help you through it, because of what you've done. But, you must
ASK us for help. We were impressed before. sex nothing lolitas teen
We needed you. Now you need
us. No more ordering anyone around." Her face and voice softened. "I
know you're not trying to be mean by this, Matt, but you must learn to
trust your friends. We're your friends, and we'll be your friends for a
long time, if you'll let us. But friends must russia lolitas top 100 be willing to give and
I blinked my eyes a few more times. They rose. "We'll leave you
here to think about it tonight. The spell will wear off by morning. Good
Harry looked suddenly very tired, and Ron half-supported him as
they ascended pre teen loltia pic
the stairs. Hermione gave me one last look before she, too,
went unsencsored young lolitas nymphets to bed. The lights in the common room slowly went out, leaving only
the fire in the fireplace.
I lay on the floor, unable to move, unable to even feel the tears
running down my cheeks. The next morning dawned, and Harry and Ron, dressed in casual
clothes hurried down to the common room. lolitas to young nude Their eyes immediately searched
the floor for me. I wasn't where they'd left me, and litle girl fun lolita
they seemed great lolita bbs elweb surprised
by it. They turned to go up the stairs again, ready to look for me
dormitory by dormitory, but Ron crashed into some invisible barrier.
A chair lolita girls naked pics in front of the fireplace-the same one Hermione'd sat in
the night before-lifted gently into the air and turned around to face them.
I sat in the chair, effortlessly guiding its movements. They both paled,
and Ron aimed his wand at me, thrusting himself between Harry nude kids russian lolita and myself.
I grinned mirthlessly. "How noble," I hissed. "Not that it free child lolita sex would
do you any good, Mr. Weasley." He lifted into the air, his expression one
of panic, and Harry lifted away from little preteen lolita bbs him. They reached for each other, but
as their hands were about to touch, I made a curt motion with my left hand,
and they were hurled away from each other.
"Well now," I gloated. My voice had changed, not that I
particularly noticed, nor would I care if I had. It had lolitas ls free site become deeper,
more mellifluous. It was insinuating and smooth. It was frightening and
powerful and awe-inspiring all at the same time. "I have here two young innocent angel lolita more
people who claimed friendship with me. What shall I do with them, I
Ron aimed his wand. "Impedimentia!"
Nothing happened.
Nothing happened.
"Aramashe nudism child lolita cute
Nothing happened.
"Expelliarmus," I whispered. Ron's wand flew out of his hand and
into mine, sending him flying into the barrier with a thud.
"No! Ron," under 14 sexy lolita
Harry yelled.
"So, you still care for him, even after what he did to you," I
"What do you mean, what he did to me," Harry demanded.
"Please, Harry," gothic and lolita illustrations I dismissed. "Don't think me stupid. Do you
think I don't know how much it hurt?"
"Wha-what do you mean?"
"Don't play the fool with me!" I snapped. "Even now, it hurts
whenever he enters you, doesn't it?"
His eyes widened young lolitas 12 16yo
and his cheeks flushed-with anger or
embarrassment, I couldn't tell. "That isn't any of your business," he
"Strange how he embraces pain and pushes away the one who would
spare him from pain," I whispered loud enough to be heard.
"What are you talking about?"
I shook my head. "Apparently, you no longer have exotic nude lolita art any respect for
me or my abilities at all." My eyes darkened, sinking into my skin, which
was beginning to shrivel.
His mouth opened in a soundless scream as a cadaver with lanky hair
and elongated canines formed in front of child models russion loli him. My hand stretched toward
him, beckoning.
Claws free sample movie lolita
grew from my fingertips, and my clothes grew ragged around
me. The stench of death filled the room. sun lolita bbs elweb "THIS is what I child underage lolita pics have become now,
you stupid boy," I rattled. The beauty of the voice was gone, lolicon child gallery free
replaced by
a bone-chilling rasp as air sven's freedom lolita bbs
tried to move dead muscles in my voice box.
"This is impossible! EXPECTO PATRONUM!" He roared, pointing his
wand at me. A large silvery stag leaped out and tried to attack me. underground russian lolita sample
best lolita paysites xxx I
blew on it, and it vanished in smoke.
"Look well, Harry," I mocked, my voice fading away. "See what you
have made and remember. Hope, my dear boy, that the Chamber will protect
you, for I no longer will." The flesh crumbled into ash, and the bones of
my body began to snap.
"Fine," he roared in anger. "I don't need you!" He pulled my fire
wand out of his belt, and aimed child top models loloitas it at me. "Necro fornare immolatus," he
screamed. A ball of roiling purple flames leaped from its tip and slammed
into the remains nude lolita hairless pussy
of the corpse in front of him, shattering it to pieces,
but leaving the chair unharmed.
"Well done," my disembodied voice mocked. "Look well upon what you
have unleashed." The ashes coalesced to show Hermione's face locked in a
rictus of terror: frozen so in death.
My laughter filled the room while Harry knelt and wept. "Harry," Ron murmured. "Harry, you must wake up!" He shook his
boyfriend, to no avail. Ron looked at Harry's tear-streaked face,
concerned. "Harry, preten model mariah lollipop
please," he moaned.
Harry's cry had woken up all the others in the dormitory. Neville
sat up straight, his eyes wide. hot lolitas models archives Seamus was little child nude lolli
looking preteen lolita models showers
around. "Wha-wha-wha's
going on," he muttered, his voice thick with sleep.
"Something's wrong with Harry," Ron said.
"It looks like he's having a nightmare," Dean said dismissively,
stifling a yawn.
"But he's not waking up," Ron fretted. In preteen lolita in diapers
his worry, he climbed
into Harry's bed and held him close, heedless of the others. Dean smirked
and Neville smiled. Seamus didn't notice, as he went back to sleep. My laughter rang through the room. "This is your fault, Potter.
What would your parents think," I gloated. Ron lifted into the air again.
"Harry," I asked almost conversationally, "do you know what happened to
Neville's parents?"
His head stayed lowered, weeping over lolita hot young latinas
"Harry," Ron called weakly.
Harry didn't hear him.
"Harry, please," he moaned.
"Tsk tsk," I chuckled. "CRUCIO!"
Ron lolita bbs sven gaijin
screamed in agony as every nerve in 10 year old lolitas
his body exploded in pain.
THAT jerked Harry away from the barby models lolita bbs fallen. He looked around the room,
trying to find shy lolita little girls
the source of my voice, but all he could see was Ron's
floating, shaking form.
"Finite incantatum," he cried, pointing his wand at Ron.
Nothing happened.
"Please, Matt," he begged, "stop!" "Please, Matt," he murmured you tube lolitas videos against Ron's chest, "stop!"
"Hush, Harry," Ron said, rubbing his hand down Harry's back.
"Matt's locked downstairs. He can't move. Don't worry, Harry." Ron's
tears trickled down his face as he hugged Harry closer. "Please, Harry,
wake up." From the Dark Forest, I let the spells forcing Harry to stay in the
nightmare drop and wandered, lost in my thoughts. I was pleased at the
result of my spells, yet some small part of me was horrified and screamed
at me to wake up. I ruthlessly crushed it.
Before I was aware of what had happened, I found myself surrounded
by giant spiders^

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